Pavia: A family wine from the Ensenada (México) effort

May 31, 2021

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A wine attached to Nature.
VinoVinos Pavia was born from a humble dream of creating wines mainly for the Pavia family and their friends. "We are passionate about quality and detail in our wines, each bottle passes through the hands of at least one member of the family, playing an indispensable role" , they say in the company. This special declaration of principles is part of the official presentation of the company.Precios
Ensenada, Mexico's wine fortress, can show the world a unique experience: most of its wines are an effort by a society that found a way to express its tribute to the land in which they live, pulling the nobility out of the grooves. Of the wine.
"For us the most important thing is to respect the wine in all its stages, from the grape harvest to the bottling of the wine, this in order to highlight as much as possible the particularities of each vintage and that each bottle is unique", continues the Pavia's reasons on her website. 
They are the same intentions that the staff members convey personally
Surely, for our readers in Latin America and the United States , it will be of interest to know this family business that wants to expand its market.
But the most important thing, and that distinguishes this winery, is a work philosophy that consists of interfering with what is strictly necessary in the vinification process, letting the wine itself choose the flavors, with which it will surprise the lover who knows how to appreciate those varied , intense, of nature; that are incorporated into a good product. For this, the intervention of a specialist, an experienced wine maker belonging to the Pavia family, has the responsibility of leading the always wonderful process of "making" wine.
A visit to its website will confirm this work methodology, with such weighty results.
The prices that appear in the image on the right are expressed in Mexican pesos.  Exchange: 1 US dollar is worth $ 19.00 Mx. 30/5/2021 to date.
Edited in the Diario del Vino Study of Buenos Aires, Argentina


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