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Matura Wine Intelligence arrives in Chile
Inevitably, when an undertaking becomes successful following the guidelines of its founders, the proven formula transcends frontiers. This is the case of Matura, an international firm that has proven to have excellent know-how in winemaking businesses in Mendoza (Argentina) expanding today in America, setting foot in another strong wine country: Chile.

Logroño - Spain

Mel Dick, Dan Jago, Troy Christenssen, Robert M. Parker, Jr., Jancis Robinson, Oz Clarke, Miguel Torres, Don St. Pierre and Gary Vaynerchuk to Lead Group of 35 Speakers in Rioja, Spain.

Brazilians, Italians and Argentineans activate a 2,000 ha Project in Mendoza

The Villa Agrelo Project, located at 30 km from the Airport on the side of Route 40, is coordinated by Gruppo Matura in Latin America. Besides from its wine making orientation, the project’s activity will contemplate the production of olive oil, cherries, and rearing of different animal species with an area destined for natural flora and fauna reserve.

Diageo Chile sponsors a program to train waiters and waitresses

For the second time in this South American country, the Chilean branch Diageo–a major wine, liquor, and beer international producer and distributor- launches Bartenders, a program implemented by INACAP, the Training Department of the Technological University of Chile. This program aims at training young people from low socioeconomic social segments as waiters and waitresses, thus giving them access to a job market with good employment opportunities.

Spain- France
French pride threatened by Spain

The eternal international dispute over the wine quality seals brought today a new component, the production and imminent threat that Spain may defeat the French pride in production.
Wine and health
More on Resveratrol in wine

In a previous edition we presented the Harvard University’s findings on the health benefits that bring the intake of grapes and wine, due to the presence in them of a substance named Resveratrol. In this article we will expand on scientists’ opinions that attest to these findings.

First company in Chile devoted to boost tourism in vineyards

TurisVino, a company created by Ximena Merino, the sister of Vinos de Chile president, is operating since February. Report by Danilo Bustamante for El Mercurio newspaper from Santiago de Chile.

Unstoppable Mexicans

After their flag won an aesthetic contest on the best world’s teaching, Mexicans aim for more: in the best alchemist style they turn tequila into diamonds. Salud, mis cuates...

Argentinean situation

The exact term that would define the viticultural situation in Argentina is worrisome. The Cuyo newspaper, edited in San Juan -second main district of the country’s wine producers- affirms that May was a negative month, but June will be even worse. The strike has meant an incredible blow, but the national economy situation constitutes the main obstacle for the viticultural area.

Wine and Environment
Prince Charles is using wine as fuel

The eccentricities of the aristocracy can be, at present, just an adaptation to the reality of our broken planet. An example of this can be found in this article on the new habits of the British Royalty.
Internal consumption dropped in May

According to estimate figures from the Federal institute for the grape-growing and wine making industry in Argentina, in May this year the shipments of wine destined to internal consumption dropped an approximate 6.67 %with respect to the same month in 2007
Wine and health
Harvard reveals the secrets of a better-quality life

New studies conducted by scientists from the Harvard Medical School show that the wine intake may improve health. Resveratrol would be the secret of this truth fountain of youth.
"It’s difficult to have an opinion on Argentina," says Federico Castellucci

Federico Castellucci, General Director of the OIV, talks to Diario del Vino and says that it is difficult to have an opinion about “an apparent Argentinean crisis” and that he supports the country’s decision of changing its status from full member to observer member. He admits the difficulties that arise in establishing a stable internal politics, that prevent the reestablishment of its old status in the OIV: “I’m positive that it will be a full member by October.”
Spain has The largest Museum of Wine Culture

The viticultural company Dinastía Vivanco, from Rioja, sponsors the largest Museum of Wine Culture in the world, in which there is also a documentation center that keeps books dating from medieval times. Dinastía Vivanco will make these documents available online, at the disposal of those who wish to consult them.

Cold-weather reds

In Chile there is a tendency to plant red varieties in cold weather regions. As a result, fresh, less-aggressive wines, with less sugar and more acidity can be obtained in accordance with the international demand. Article published by Revista del Campo de El Mercurio magazine, Santiago de Chile.

Chilean vineyard raises the bet with premium wines

In keeping with the tendency of valuing the wine products the market offers, Chilean vineyard Viña Maipo promotes their creation, Viña Maipo Limited Edition, in Mexico with only fifty boxes of a limited edition of 500.

India is just a glass away

Among the most promising emerging markets is India, with an increase in the production of wine that makes contact with that country more interesting. A possible introduction of lower taxes benefits the offer.

Chilean and Argentinean figures

The latest wine export-figures of two of the most important wine producers in South America - Argentina and Chile- were released. While in March the shipments in Argentina increased in size and value, Chile claims that during the same month their exports decreased in size, but the result was inverse in value. Some figures.
The force of democracy may be excessive

An unexpected turn is leading the conflict between the Argentinean Executive Power and the rural sector into more reasonable channels, however dangerous for the Kirchner’s prestige. Mendoza, a very important wine region, plays a main role.

27 foreign chateaux promoted fine wines in China

27 famous chateaux from France, Italy, America, Chile, Australia and South Africa promoted about 80 varieties of wines in China in order to find parts here. Shenzhen was one of the most attractive markets for foreign chateaux.

Argentina has largest wine production in Southern hemisphere

Argentina will have a record production of wine for the Southern hemisphere in 2008, totaling 15.25 million hectoliters, compared to the 15.046 of last year according to the latest report from the Paris seated International Organization of Vines and Wine, OIV.

Grape expectations: How to get into the wine industry

Some studentsmay think they have good noses, but can they cut it in the wine industry?

Producers get a sniff of better wine times

WA wine producers are predicting top-quality red and white wines this year as the Australian wine industry shrugs off the drought with predictions of a big jump in production.

Wine industry warns jobs at risk from tax hike on alcopops

THOUSANDS of jobs are at risk under plans to extend the tax hike on pre-mixed drinks to other forms of alcohol, the Winemakers' Federation warns.

Is British drinking out of control?

A £6 million Government campaign to educate the public on how many units of alcohol are in each drink will not combat binge drinking as long as alcohol remains cheap and easily available, doctors have warned.
Bulgarian wine sector to bag EUR 18 million in EU funding this year

The EU has earmarked EUR 18 million for vine conversion in Bulgaria in 2008...

Big winery on the market.

McGUIGAN Simeon's Loxton winery, the country's fifth largest, has been put on the market.

North Carolina Wines Rise as Tobacco Declines.

For years, tobacco was king in North Carolina. The leafy plants thrive in the state's rich clay and used to provide a reliable payday at harvest.

Chile fires challenge at the big wine guns.

55 top wine journalists, buyers and sommeliers in Toronto had invaded the upper chambers of the Rosewater Supper Club for a much touted tasting.The organizer was Eduardo Chadwick, president of Vina Errázuriz.

Warm reception for Chilean wines.

It can be the toughest test in the world: Standing before your peers and being judged even though those peers are a very stodgy bunch and don't want you to stand anywhere near them. They want you to fail and take your rightful place at the back of the class. But...The experiment is a success for Errazuriz of Chile.

Restaurateurs raise a glass to Chilean wines.

Country's natural barriers, warm weather help produce affordable, quality vintages. By Catherine Rabb. The Charlotte Observer.

The exports of Chilean wines increased .

They grew 4,4 % in volume and 6.6 % in income in the first seven months of the year.

Activity of the Wine of Chile

Wines of Chile will feature twelve of the top Chilean wineries at the Food & Wine Magazine Classic in Aspen, Colorado, June 16-18

Australian Wine exports to China soar

Volumes of Australian wine exported to China grew almost 350 per cent last year, making it an increasingly important market for wine producers. The volumes are still significantly lower than those imported from Chile and Spain 

Enjoy a first-rate malbec.

Looking for something different in red? The next time you're shopping or dining, opt for a malbec from Argentina.

Uncork New World of wines

Argentina’s imports are getting a lot of attention these days, and it’s not hard to choose a good one.

UK: Concha y Toro UK takes on new brands.

Chilean wine company Concha y Toro has announced that its UK subsidiary is to take over the distribution and marketing of the Cono Sur and Isla Negra brands in the UK

Australian wine makers battle as UK shipments rise.

Australia ships over a third of its wine exports to Britain and has a dominant share of supermarket sales, but producers are struggling as a wine flood cuts prices.

Ten Reasons Why Chile is Hot

As a wine cheapskate, nothing makes me happier than to walk down the aisle with Chilean wines in my local liquor store...

Crisis warning for Australian wine industry. Australian wine export prices have dropped by a third since 2002, a new survey reports this week.

More women become wine consumers.

According to a 2005 Gallup poll, women make up 52 percent of the population but buy 55 percent of the wine in this country.

INTERVIEW:Chile Aims to Boost Agriculture, Develop Bio-Fuel.

Chile aims to be one of the world's 10 biggest agricultural exporters and to become a producer of bio-fuels in the medium term, new Agriculture Minister Alvaro Rojas told Reuters in an interview.

Malbec: Star of Argentina.

No one's really heard of it, or cares for that matter. It's been hiding in blends for hundreds of years in France and growing happily yet silently in the rich soil of Argentina for more than a hundred years. Malbec is a grape that plays second or third chair, but it's clamoring for more recognition.

Foreigners change ways of Argentina wine country

Many foreigners in Argentina, prove the limits of a region of the wine in potentially mature for great investments

Famed club goes global with wines, diapers, coffins

From a line of exclusive taxis to fancy wines and coffins, die-hard fans of Boca Juniors can pledge their devotion till the end.

Chile stocks nudge higher, peso at 3-1/2-mo high 

Chilean blue-chips got a small bounce on Wednesday after five losing sessions, one day ahead of the central bank's monthly monetary policy meeting, while the peso continued a copper-fueled rise against the U.S. dollar to close at a 3-1/2-month high.

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